Submission Rules

We need your permission to broadcast your film!

Before we can broadcast your film we need your permission to do so. So what’s involved?

  • The Film

    You need to own the film. We guess that’s pretty obvious.

  • The Film’s Content

    Well, as we weren’t there when you shot or edited it we can’t be responsible for what’s in it, or what luxuries you’ve promised your cast & crew.

  • Music

    Don’t use Lady Ga Ga’s latest track unless you’ve called her and she said that it would be an honour to have it used in your film. Otherwise she will get very angry, we on the other hand will get in our car and go on a fishing trip and leave you to deal with it. Top Tip…get everything cleared!

  • Broadcasting

    If you want us to show the world your film we will. But if you have told Universal Studios that they can show your film first and we do instead, then they are going to get mad – maybe more so than Lady Ga Ga. So naturally we’ll go off on another fishing trip, put our fingers in our ears, and leave you to explain how this went ever so slightly wrong while quickly adding that no blame can be attached those awfully nice people at The Short Film Show.

  • We Believe You

    If you say the film is yours and everything in it is cleared to broadcast to the planet and beyond, then we believe you. You probably have a kind face and enjoy fishing… which is where we will be if you have told us a little untruth about your film.

  • And Finally...

    To summarise: To get your film broadcast by us is easy, keep it that way. The above conditions are all you have to worry about. If lawyers were to write the above terms and conditions it would have at least six chapters (our official contact is below). So, simply upload your film via FilmFreeway, be truthful and remember, get everything cleared or we’ll see you on the next fishing trip.