Short Filmmaking: An Interview With Xavier Pijuan

At The Short Film Show we get the opportunity to interview some of the most talented filmmakers featured on the show. In this case Xavier Pijuan, the director of ‘MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME’, gives us an insight into his thoughts on cinematography, the key aspects of his creative process and his best advice for upcoming filmmakers.

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Interview with Xavier Pijuan, the director of  MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME:

  • How did you get involved in the filmmaking industry?

Xavier: I was working as an architect until one day, almost 6 years ago, for several reasons I decided to change my life and join the film school of Barcelona (ECIB), since I have always loved cinema.

  • What is the most challenging aspect when making a short film?

Xavier: I think that the most difficult aspect is to get cool locations to film at the lowest price possible, a cool location is very important in a short film.

  • How are you able to create a connection with the audience throughout the plot in such a short period of time?

Xavier: I think that the most important aspect is having a strong and clear idea, especially if this idea is an “universal theme”, which everyone can connect with. For example, in my short film I touch upon motherhood, focusing on overprotective mothers (such as my mother), since most people are involved or know of someone who has a similar relationship with their mother, everyone can connect with the story because the audience is able to recognize in the film a certain type of “universal characters” or stereotypes.

  • What makes the story and characters of your film special? and what is the key to creating a unique story?

Xavier: The answer is similar to the previous question, I think the factor that makes my characters special is the fact that they are “universal”, there are overprotective mothers and immature children in all parts of the world, they are recognizable and relatable characters

  • What is your favorite aspect when creating short films?

Xavier: Maybe when I draw the storyboard, I enjoy planning the shoots and drawing them, because afterwards, in the shooting days, comes the drama and the losses.

  • What advice would you give to up and coming filmmakers?

Xavier: I don’t know. I’m still looking for advice from other filmmakers myself, maybe I will say to them that it’s important to continue filming, do not wait to “the great idea” or “the great inspiration”, as this one never come from doing nothing. It’s very difficult to have a great idea, this is why the world is full of bad shorts and large films, because is extremely rare to have a great idea. The most important thing is to continue filming, then, soon or later you will do something good and you will be proud of it.

  • Why did you apply to be featured on The Short Film Show and how did you feel when you were selected to be featured on Sky Tv?

Xavier: I was looking for short film festivals in FilmFreeWay when I came across The Short Film Show. I thought that the Tv show would be a very good place to send my short film, and It was a wonderful news knowing that the award ceremony selected…. and nominated my short film!

  • What would be winning an award at The International Short Film Show Awards mean to you?

Xavier: It would be an amazing thing, of course! I’m very proud of MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME (my short film), which is a very little short film that my friends and I made with almost nothing and yet it’s competing on festivals all over the world with other very big short films. It has been completely unexpected all the awards and nominations that this little film has obtain. It’s a very very very big success and I’m very proud and grateful to all the festivals, like The International Short Film Show, that decided to select and show the film to their audience, it is wonderful to know that people in the other side of the world are enjoying (or maybe not 😉 the silly humor of my short film. Thank you so much!