Short Filmmaking: An Interview With Stefan and Nenad Teofilović

The Short Film Show had the pleasure to interview the Serbian brothers behind the film ´Load´. The Director Stefan Teofilović  and the Producer Nenad Teofilović told us how they got involved in the filmmaking Industry and what their creative process is when writing and creating a movie

How did you get involved in the filmmaking industry to begin with?

Well, in my spare time I enjoy writing, when this story was finished I gave it to some of my friends who have had some experience in the filmmaking industry, the story caught their attention, we talked about it and at the end we agreed on making a film out of it.

  • What is the most challenging aspect when making a short film?

The most challenging part is definitely finding the right people for the right roles, by that I mean not only the actors, but the people who are off screen.

  • How are you able to create a connection with the audience throughout the plot in such a short period of time?

I was asking myself the same question and instead of finding an answer I decided  to make a film that I would like to watch, I thought that if it’s okay with me, it would be okay with others as well.

  • What makes the story and characters of your film special and what is the key to creating a unique story?

For me, the answer is in not trying to make a unique story, but an interesting one, that would be the kind of story that stays in the minds of the audience long after the projection is over.

  • What is your favorite part of creating short films?

Writing the script, simply because that’s the time that I get to be alone and I have the absolute freedom of doing everything my way.

  • Why did you apply to be featured on The Short Film Show and how did you feel when you were selected to be featured on Sky?

I just wanted my film to reach as many people as possible, that is why I was so glad when I find out that it would be shown on Sky Tv

  • What advice would you give to up and coming filmmakers?

Fellow filmmakers, do it your way!

  • What would winning an award at The International Short Film Show Awards mean to you?

I guess it would be great as it could help me a lot in the future, but getting an award of any kind was never really my goal. If it was, I would probably do a different type of movies. I only want to express myself and have fun while I’m doing that


If you would like to watch ´Load´  along with the rest of the films featured on The Short Film Show, you can watch all of the episodes on Amazon Prime.