The Short Film Show

The Short Film Show is not only a film festival on TV, but it also offers the opportunity for film fans to explore the incredible world of short films.

The appetite for both filmmakers and film fans is growing daily largely down to the fact this once cost restrictive industry has given way to the vast downturn in expenditure which has kept a lot of talent at bay for so many years.

The Short Film Show celebrates this new dawn by offering a television platform into 14 million British households so they can now enjoy the brand new variety of spectacular films from around the world; talents that, until now, were behind an array of selective closed doors.

So, what’s in The Short Film Show for the filmmaker and the film fan?

For the filmmaker, an extensive UK viewing footprint into millions of homes with a unique TV show broadcast on Sky. But not only that, the show is also available via Amazon Prime in the UK and USA and developments are in progress to enter the huge markets of Asia and Australia.

At the end of our last series, The International Short Film Awards show paid tribute to the worlds wealth of filmmaking talent by providing awards to no fewer than 18 categories, making it a truly comprehensive and deserved acknowledgement to all connected with our fast growing show.

And the film fan?

A chance to witness the remarkable talent being discovered on an almost daily basis. If you’ve never experienced the world of short films, then now is the time to indulge.

The Short Film Show brings together the very best worldwide short films, from comedy to horror, from drama to animation, from Si-Fi to CGi, we have it all. So whether you’re a filmmaker or a film fan, The Short Film Show is where its at, and where you need to be.

If you're a film maker with a short film, why not submit it to the festival today?

Core Team